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Essential Oil Association of India

Essential oil association of India (EOAI) was founded in 1956 as a premier organization of scientists, researchers, industrialists, traders, manufacturers, exporters, importers and farmers in the field of essential oils. EOAI was registered under the society Act of XXI of 1860.

The foremost aim of the Association is to promote advancement in the knowledge of science and technology of essential oils and allied products and to help in production and marketing of standard quality products.

Essential Oils have added a lot of value to the growth of flavour and fragrance industry as well as agriculture. The economy of the country being agriculture based, its farmers were engaged in traditional agriculture growing mostly food crops, which has caused them low returns.

Our Mission


India has achieved No. status in production of natural essential oils in global markets because of its dominant position in mints.

Our mission is to create a prominent position in many natural essential oils in world markets by diversifying our portfolio by developing and adopting various aromatic crops in different climatic zones of the country.

Uplifting rural economy of various regions of India without disturbing food crops is our top priority. More emphasis is on adopting crop rotation with food crops and utilization of waste/saline land to grow additional aroma crops.

Imparting scientific education and training related to aroma crops, adopting ideal post harvest technology and distillation systems will aid our mission.

Besides, India should be known for high quality natural essential oils during the coming years, our members are united and determined to achieve this.

Sustainability should be our main issue in order to support a healthy future life on our planet.

Our Vision


EOAI’s vision is to create and provide an environment which brings member’s of essential oil community together and undertake those responsibilities, efficiently and effectively, which can not be performed by individual members.

How It Was

Association's History

The main people behind establishing the Essential Oil Association of India were late Dr. D.R. Dhingra ex-Director of Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur, Mr. S.N. Kapoor., Mr. D.V. Deo of Cochin, and business houses like M/s Gupta & Co Delhi, M/s Makhulal Ayodhya prasad, Kannauj.

Late Dr. D. R. Dhingra was our first Past President of EOAI and he was Ex Principal Harcourt Butler Research Institute & Joint Director of Industries Kanpur. He took initiative in establishing this Association with an objective was to promote healthy development of Indian essential oils and to help in production and marketing standard quality products.

Keeping the above in view office of the Essential Oil Association of India was housed in one room of HBTI, Nawabganj, Kanpur, UP just after its establishment in 1956.

The office of EOAI was shifted in Delhi in 1992 at L-6/L-7, 24, Veer Savarkar Block, Shakarpur, Delhi for 5-6 years and then shifted to Daryaganj Office.

The Association has been registered under Society’s Act of XXI of 1860 on 30th November, 1998 and its registered office was located in room No.301, 4832/24, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, Delhi till 7th March 2012.

Finally Registered Office was made in the office of EOAI was shifted in Delhi at L-6/L- Corporate Office was shifted to Sector-62, Noida. in its own building.

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