Essential Oil from Peels

The growing concern on the serious microbial spoilage and the interest in shifting from synthetic to natural antimicrobial agents leads to research and screening of plant and other vegetable sources to identify new compounds for the manufacturing and industrial uses.

Essential oils, also known as volatile oil, aromatic oil, etheric oil, essence oi or spirit; are one of the important components of plant chemicals. These oils are generally found in aromatic plants in almost all plant parts such as leaves, fruits, peel and stem. Essential oils are generally liquid at room temperature and have ability to crystallize at low temperature. These are considered as colorless lipoid mixtures and with different structure as compared to fixed oils. These are widely used impharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries such as detergent, toothpaste, soap etc. Equipment such as gas chromatography (GC)-flame ionization detector (FID) and GC-MS are widely used for their analysis.

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